Group Personal Training - Group personal training classes are fun, motivating and challenging for those that prefer a group environment while also receiving 1on1 attention. Each class has specified body part workouts that allow for everyone to workout at their own pace. These classes can range anywhere from 4-8 persons. You’ll receive a nutritional plan if needed and monthly evaluations.

BranNewBody Fit Camp - These are bootcamp style classes that is filled with lots of fun, energy and challenging workouts. In the BranNewBody Fit camp classes you’ll get a wide variety of different exercises daily. If you are looking to tone up, burn fat or prepare for an obstacle race these classes will help elevate you. Bootcamp classes can range from 10-18 person. Although bootcamps may be filled with a lot of energetic people you’ll still be able to workout at a pace that fits your fitness level.

Personal Training - Personal training will consist of 1on1 training with each client. Here you’ll be giving more personal attention and all workouts will be cater towards your fitness level. You will also have the ability to schedule your own time. Nutrition advice, meal prepping will also be included.